Marion Czeranka

Marion Czeranka

PhD, Managing Director

Marion is a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) expert of the first hour. Her experience over the past 25 years includes a wide range of products and application areas. She has been a project manager in a variety of disciplines, including spatial planning and engineering. She is equally at home in automated data processing (ETL) as she is in problem solving for spatial field service management.

Besides coaching the use of products such as FME®, FME® Server, QGIS®, or ArcGIS®, she advises clients on how to practically solve problems and how to implement digitalization strategies around spatial data and spatial design.

  • Geographical Information Processing
  • Big Data
  • GIS
  • BIM
  • Incident Management Systems
  • PhD in GIS

    University of Vechta

  • Master in Geography

    University of Münster

  • Certified FME® Professional

  • Certified FME® Professional Trainer

  • HERMES 5 Foundation Certificate